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Mandy's Facebook Live Pearl Party.

Purchase your setting, Come to the party & Watch live as your Oyster pearl is revealed.

When you purchase an item of jewellery on my website e.g. earrings, necklaces or rings you are automatically awarded an Oyster.

Your Oyster is then opened on my Live Facebook pearl reveal. Your precious Freshwater or Akoya pearl can be almost any colour. Each colour represents either wealth, love or happiness and on some occasions you may discover “Twins” as your Oyster is opened. Black pearls are “Super” rare!

Orders will be on a first come first served basis, therefore depending on the number of orders I receive if your order is not fulfilled on the subsequent Facebook Live it will carry over to the next live event.

Your pearl will then be placed into the setting/settings you have already purchased and shipped directly to you within 48hrs.

Come along and join in the fun. Even if you have not made a purchase I am sure you will find the live pearl party very exciting and entertaining with lots of interaction as customers watch the reveal of their special Freshwater or Akoya pearl.

Mandy’s Celtic Pearls Facebook Live – Monday, Wednesday & Friday  8pm – Late.
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